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    This summer semesters Pathwayweek conceptualized and realized games that take place inside the imaginary Grid known from the TRON movies. Jörg Frohnmayer supervised the project that have been already presented at the Trickfilfestivals GameZone in Mai 2019.


    Play the Game was a one week workshop given by Jörg Frohnmayer. The focus was on how rules influence the gameplay.


    The project is dealing with the idea of accessing your own personal data from a point of view u never experienced before. Jörg Frohnmayer suggested to students to bring their own private dataset and make an artistic or profession virtual reality (VR) storyboard in a one week workshop. The out come was a VR experience that reflected the difference one can get from a spatial representation of data and was represented in a stereoscopic setup like HTC-Vive.


    As part of an university exchange program between the design akademie berlin (B. A. Photography) Prof. Sebastian Denz and Merz Akademie Stuttgart Jörg Frohnmayer (Pathway New Media) students work together on a VR-project for HM-Displays. The aim is to explore and create new spatial strategies for exhibitions incl. stereoscopic content. The project was presented at the prelude of the 30th aniversary of the transmediale in Berlin.


    For the second time, Akademie Schloss Solitude has awarded Schlosspost web residencies. The call on the topic »Re-entering the Ultimate Display« for virtual reality projects of all kinds was curated by professor of new media Mario Doulis , who was also in charge of selecting the web residents.


    The first animated GIFS made with HTC VIVE at Merz Akademie!
    With love and respect
    Olia and Jörg


    The Pathway week was all about enter new fields of digital experience. Jörg Frohnmayer supervised the development of individual projects and gave a short introduction about virtual reality, the gameengine unity3d and the Oculus Rift.


    In winter 2014 New Media students developed experiences special to the virtual world. Jörg Frohnmayer gave a short introduction to the Game Software Unity 3D and discussed the possibilities of the Head Mounted Display Oculus Rift. With this setup the students developed intense virtual experiences.


    Jörg Frohnmayer presented the Virtual City Scapes at Hannover Messe. It is an information visualization demonstrator made for the Fraunhofer IAO. The Magazine C’t showed some pictures of the work in an article.