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    24 doors from One Terabyte of Kilobyte Age archive are waiting to be opened at Old Web Advent Calendar


    Simon Ruber's generic grip won Best Concept.
    Germany - Heimsheim/Stuttgart/Frankfurt - the purmundus challenge 2014 presented its exciting final exhibition at EuroMold from 25th till 28th of november. The competition for 3D printing was operated in cooperation with the Demat GmbH and invited designers and engineers. This year the topic was: "Print up your life! – How does 3D printing change our world?“


    In winter 2014 New Media students developed experiences special to the virtual world. Jörg Frohnmayer gave a short introduction to the Game Software Unity 3D and discussed the possibilities of the Head Mounted Display Oculus Rift. With this setup the students developed intense virtual experiences.


    Gijs Gieskes gave a workshop about physical computing to our students.

    In the Selfie Seminar our second Semester and Johannes Osterhoff made selfies on selfies. After a thorough scientific research of matters like composition, democratization of artistic practice, and – of course – after reading Susan Sontag’s famous essay, participants made selfies in GTA5, with life-threatening animals, a One-day Selfie Performance, or they surrendered entirely to their followers and asked them how and where to shoot themselves next. A full documentation of all project can be seen here.

    The workshop addressed the topic of failure in game development. Jörg Frohnmayer gave a short introduction into the game development software unity 3D and supported the students with their own game prototypes. This post will be updated with web versions of some games so stay tuned!


    10 yers ago Merz Akademie students Dragan Espenschied and Alvar Freude created the Assoziations-Blaster.