Let’s enter the void

The Pathway week was all about enter new fields of digital experience. Jörg Frohnmayer supervised the development of individual projects and gave a short introduction about virtual reality, the gameengine unity3d and the Oculus Rift.

High-wire act Our idea for the Unity 3D game came from the movie „The Walk“. So we basically tensioned tightropes between skyscrapers. The player should balance the tightropes from an ego perspective. The game is compatible with the Oculus Rift and a Steam-Controller. One has to face its fear of heights or enjoy the „kick“ as there is always the risk of falling down. This virtual adventure is a thrilling experience because you might not actually do this in real life. Team: Lisa, Monique, Cassandra, Ridvan

„Das Candy“ is a little first person horror adventure that takes place on an Island. The dark Candyman destroyed the heart of Candy Island and now you are the only hope for the Candy people. Help them find all the Diamonds to reactivate DAS CANDY, the source of live energy on this world. But be careful dark souls took possession of the candy people. No place is safe.. Team: Marc, Sonja, Christopher

The detective Isaac Cromwell tried to find out a mysterious murder of a young woman and her daughter. But the determination is difficult for him , because he suffers from psychological problems and is unlikely to be receptive for an extended period. In this horror adventure the player moves through a creepy city and find more and more information about a frightening truth . Team: Thorsten Paul, Madeleine Sterr