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    On tuesday 7.12 from 17:00-19:30 everyone is invited to the interface design reception at our Virtual Reality Studio ( room 2.6). You can see and try out our recent projects, talk to the the students and teachers, play Minecraft and have drinks.


    The Merz Akademie present their results of remediate research project from the 19 to the 21 november at Württembergischer Kunstverein in Stuttgart.


    On the 13th of October 2010, the Beautiful Zeros and Ugly Ones invited Users “to surf the classic way” for the third time


    Zalgo Image Creator v1.0 Freeware


    In June 2010 Spanish designer and CSS artist Roman Cortes (3d Meninas, Coke Can, Tribute to the Beatles, etc) was giving a workshop at Merz Akademie.


    Shadows of the User Strike Back:D is a photo series by Brandi Bryant developed during the Drop Shadow workshop.


    Dragan Espenschied, author of the the most bitter article of our times — “Put yer fonts in a Pipe and Smoke em !!” (The Digital Folklore Reader,) talks at TypoBerlin today.


    Last week of April 2010 Manuel Buerger demanded that students “Try to bring the software to its knees!” because “Only if you know your tool you are ready for the next step.” It worked. The Beauty and Lacks of Limitation project is documented now:


    Media artist Yunchul Kim held a workshop about physical computing. Students made experiments based on the Arduino and Max/Msp software. Some results of the workshop are documented here.


    The Beautiful Zeros and Ugly Ones invite:

    Surf the classic way

    from amazon to piratebay

    click me :)


    Students of the Interface Design Pathway presented their work at the celebration of Max Bense 100 anniversary in Stuttgart.


    The latest project of former NM student Sebastian Schmieg — Last Midi Background ( got a the 1st prize for Online works at the 23rd Stuttgarter Filmwinter Festival. No wonder. LMB is a beautiful and very alive archive of MIDI music. Like Animated GIFs formed the WWW’s look, MIDI files gave to the WWW its special sound.