The Grid

This summer semesters Pathwayweek conceptualized and realized games that take place inside the imaginary Grid known from the TRON movies. Jörg Frohnmayer supervised the project that have been already presented at the Trickfilfestivals GameZone in Mai 2019.

Cablechaser: Cabelchaser is a infinitive first person runner for VR in wich the player runs through a hexagon shaped wire and has to change lanes to avoid hitting obstacles, that spawn in his way. The hole game is procedual generated so that each time playing it, its a unique experience. Stilewhise the game is based on the TRON universe, especially the second movie with its simple colorchoice and its reflecting surfaces. For added player experience we added a Score, to give it a compeditive touch.

The Maze is a game in which the player can move on two different floors to collect as many yellow cubes as possible under a time limit. Each cube grants the player with extra time and will then spawn a new one somewhere in the maze for the player to look for.