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    is a pathwayweek by Jörg Frohnmayer with the focus on creating interresting virtual worlds and think about a creative way to travel through this world. Students developed storyboards for virtual worlds thinking about the possibilities that come if we are not bound to physical behaviour, designed spatial navigations and implemented them as a working prototype in Unity3d with the virtual reality headset HTC Vive.


    The project is dealing with the idea of accessing your own personal data from a point of view u never experienced before. Jörg Frohnmayer suggested to students to bring their own private dataset and make an artistic or profession virtual reality (VR) storyboard in a one week workshop. The out come was a VR experience that reflected the difference one can get from a spatial representation of data and was represented in a stereoscopic setup like HTC-Vive.


    The Pathway week was all about enter new fields of digital experience. Jörg Frohnmayer supervised the development of individual projects and gave a short introduction about virtual reality, the gameengine unity3d and the Oculus Rift.