Navigate Wrld

is a pathwayweek by Jörg Frohnmayer with the focus on creating interresting virtual worlds and think about a creative way to travel through this world. Students developed storyboards for virtual worlds thinking about the possibilities that come if we are not bound to physical behaviour, designed spatial navigations and implemented them as a working prototype in Unity3d with the virtual reality headset HTC Vive.

Navigate WRLD - Pathwaywoche Wintersemester 2017/18 from Merz Akademie on Vimeo.

Hall Run, Lennart, Marnie and Evelyn
The concept was based on the idea to create a minimalistic parcour-like run through a lobby-hall, inspired by the lobby-fight scene from the first Matrix movie. We managed to achieve the navigation through the virtual environment via trigger boxes and step-by-step camera animation. The atmosphere being dense and intimidating for an immersive VR experience.

Sardines, Boyu
This Project is a tour lead by a school of fish, by following them you will get through the area of seaweed and sharks, swimming through an underwater cave which connect the ocean and the sky, then upwards into the universe and get back to the ocean through a blackhole. One of the difficulties during the process is to code the fish flocking like a real one, and when the get triggered, they slip away and gather around at another place. In those two days the animation of circling fish are already done, the next step of the project is to code the route they slip away and gather around, and build the environments of the different scenes.

Automatically World by Dohee Jeon
In modern society, everything is automated. This world is a world in which everything works automatically. User is transferred from space to space automatically through holes or automated machines.

Jasmin Shipley
My inspiration was the little Prince´s World, because I would want to wander around on all this little Planets. My Navigation was meant to remind the "player" of climbing or sliding on a rope. For me it was more important to explore and wonder, than to interact.