In the Selfie Seminar our second Semester and Johannes Osterhoff made selfies on selfies. After a thorough scientific research of matters like composition, democratization of artistic practice, and – of course – after reading Susan Sontag’s famous essay, participants made selfies in GTA5, with life-threatening animals, a One-day Selfie Performance, or they surrendered entirely to their followers and asked them how and where to shoot themselves next. A full documentation of all project can be seen here.

Mirror Mirror Selfies: by Christin Gungl - When I was looking for different kind of selfies in my research, I found lots of those, where people photograph themselves in a mirror. Sharing these pictures (standing in front of a mirror) on Facebook or Twitter looks kind of funny but seems to be a very popular and common way of self-expression. The thing about this kind of selfies is, there are all taken on private places where it is kind of „normal" to have a mirror (like at home, in a dressing room or bathroom). But how to take mirror-selfies on places without mirror? I figured to take a mirror everywhere I go, so I could always do selfies. I wanted to see people’s reactions when I was carrying the mirror-selfies to extremes by taking my mirror to Burger King or in a supermarket.

Grand Theft Auto Selfies: by Jannik Welz, Pablo Speck, Tim und Tobias Schultze - Selfies are made all over the world. These selve portraits are a trend that even made it into one of the worlds most popular video games. GTA V implemented a function to take selfies ingame. In context of our Selfiesemiar at Merz-Akadmie we somehow reached a point where we talked about selfies as a kind of signature to proof that you really have been at the place where the selfie was taken or to proof that you have been with some speciel other person. In the end we decided to take a daytrip to a place many people know even if it doesn't really excist. So we went off to Los Santos enjoying a day with the three main characters of GTA V and to proof we have really been there we took the following selfies. First picture is a making of collection. Scroll down to let the Story begin...

EXTREMLY cute ANIMALS: by Nadine Geissler - The internet is full of selfies showing cute animals. Does this mean all other animals are not worth it being shown on pictures? Aren’t they cute enough in the perspective of society? Decide on your own.