Shadows of the User

Shadows of the User Strike Back:D is a photo series by Brandi Bryant developed during the Drop Shadow workshop.

She wisely notices: “Conformity is generally, NOT seen as a modern thing… yet corporates who pride themselves on their ”support” of individuality, symbolize that very thing as a blind, deaf, speechless stereotype Unisex. Wonderful. That’s about the equivalent of telling your mother, that you want to declare your independence with a belly button ring, because everyone else is doing it. (Which of course NEVER works) And yet… on the up Side, today’s User barely notices, he’s so busy fitting his personality into any creative space the makers of his transparent interface have allotted that purpose: from the ‘Favorites’ entry to his personal Profile foto; he will NOT be just another Icon in the crowd !” More beautiful projects, images and course materials are documented at the dropshadow blog -> / P.S. by Johannes p. Osterhoff