A Game A Week II

The workshop given by Jörg Frohnmayer is dealing with the topic of rebuilding reality in games. Students build games u can only experience in the virtual world and created very unique worlds. They were twisting the standard gaming goals around and build their own from the scratch within one week.

"Crystal Challange"
In this game you face the task to reach the big, shiny crystal before time is runnning out! In first-person perspective (and armed with a magazin full of little sweets) you're banned in a world of transparent environment, moving platforms and glass refraction. Take the power of the mighty teleporter-donut and win the Crystal Challenge!

PW-chrystalChallange from Ronja Adler

In our overloaded world, we always rely on our eyes. SoundEscape is about a complete dark maze, where you have to find the lightbox. Your only help is a „soundgun“, which generates a sound. When it hits a wall, the sound falls silent and a small light appears. A game concept, which works against the usual appearance of EgoShooters.

Sina Zorn, Nadine Geißler and Julia Eppler

The rolling Shepherd:
Have you always dreamed of being a shepherd on your own sky island? Play Rolling Shepherd to get this dream come true! The Shepherd is little fat, so you can’t walk but roll. Instead of controlling the rolling shepherd, you are controlling the world around him. His job is, to catch his escaping sheeps and bring them back home in their sheep shed.

rolling shepherd from Frederic Kindervater
Simon Ruber, Frederic Kindvater and Benjamin Glock

Dario Renner and Sebastian Knau's goal in "a game a week" has been to create an explorable 3D fantasy environment that is based on the principle of the game "Journey". The player has to explore new areas by jumping our walking on moving elements to overcome impassable barriers.

Rainbow Hero:
In the game Rainbow Hero the player takes controll over the so-called Rainbow Hero. His task is to take care of the sad unicorns which ramble around the universe and make them happy again. Madelein Sterr, Thorsten Paul and Monique Baier

Spider motion:
See the world like you never would see it as a human. This game sets you into the perspective of an Spider. You can discover your environment by climbing every surface. Ignore any physical rule and turn your world upside down. Play the game with a HMD and you’ll feel like a real spider. Tobias Schulze and Lena Müller