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Art project questioning the notion of privacy in a Google age (with user participation)
Top Stories
Arte Creative Online Video Contest
In context of Filmwinter festival Stuttgart we are part of an online video contest. Click the link and vote for us!
G+ Business Page
Google just introduced business pages for their G+ network! Time for getting rich, too :) Yo!
Speedshow Video
There is a video online now showing the speedshow in june! Go check it out!
+1 Button
We finally got our +1 button :) hit hit hit that shit!
Speedshow - Fun is back!
Aram Bartholl and Olia Lialina invited us for their Speedshow at Staatsgalerie metro stop i-cafe on June 8, 2011.
Sticker Uberfall
Our street teams are strolling along :) find the Stickers all around Stuttgart and scan that ontheedgeoftomorrow quickresponse code!