Till the 6th of January 2008, Marc Grimm’s ego shooter research arcade can be tried out at the ZKM (Karlsruhe) as a part of the ‘World of Games: reloaded” exhibition. Happy Real is a central part of Marc’s final project that aims to answer the question:

How far can you go with shooting on your screen? Can you shoot very real images of people? People you can recognize? Those one level down in the same exhibition space? Can you shoot yourself? Will you laugh or knit your brow? Will you refuse?

Visit HappyReal Site for news, amaking-of gallery, videos and documentation of the experiment that will go on for several months. And go to ZKM to try it (and yourself) out.

Marcs’s last year experimental game interface Kleider Machen Piloten is fully documented, everybody can try to make their own augmented pilot jacket now.