All About Johannes

There are several news about our former student and current visiting teacher johannes p osterhof. Recently Merz&Solitude published Osterhoff’s final thesis IMG_SRC. It is in German and can be ordered online from the publisher.

Secondly, Johannes insists on the emergence of a new art form — Interface Art. To promote artists working in that direction Johannes announced the Aqua Contest — The first graphical user interface art competition ever. He states: “Adapting and accepting metaphors on graphical user interfaces was yesterday. The time has come to really use the interface. With The Aqua Contest users eventually can strike back. Finally the power over the interface is returned the users.”

Submit your PNGs! Jury includes Johannes himself and two Mac Life editors.

Btw, Mac Life wrote a long feature about Aqua, Aero and Johannes, here are some pages (in German) 1.pdf, 2.pdf, 3.pdf, 4.pdf,5.pdf

And last but not least, during the Kultur Nacht we exhibited two of his works: System Holidays and System crash. On the picture below you can partly see both and a 3rd semester student, Ingo.