Web 2.0 trend

In July two students finished their studies with works on web 2.0. It is quite understandable that both chose it as a topic in the end of 2006, there was hardly any other subject left for those interested in the Internet at that time. Nevertheless both were quite embarrassed by the fact that their topics are so terribly close to each other and preferred to keep a distance to each other, not to discuss or show things to each other.

As a result both, independently and in secret from each other, came to the idea to present their final thesis without trousers. To mutual surprise.

Apart from this funny accident (that made some think that presenting in underpants is a new trend in the New Media Pathway) both presentations and works were extraordinary.

Timo Sauer wrote (or better to say constructed) a book in German language on Digital Nihilism that is made of quotations only. A PDF version of NEECHEE is available on Free Rebel Art.

Dennis Knopf wrote about the miserable role users play in today’s “user oriented” web. His practical work Bootyclipse is a gentle intervention into youtube world of booty clips. See the booty channel.

Here is 5 min compilation: