Open Hypervideo

In February 2012 Joscha Jäger presented his Bachelor’s Project "Open Hypervideo as Archive Interface”. The project uses hypervideo techniques to allow users access to documents from the Archives of the City of Bruxelles (Archives de la Ville de Bruxelles).

Josha’s interactive video is based on scenes filmed inside the archive by film-student Mona Mohr and a collection of documents from the archive. The hypervideo interface allows experiencing archival records through the eyes of the film author and her view of the archive space. The goal is hereby to make the usually invisible storage space part of the visual interface through which the document is retrieved. The narrative structure is based on the different archive premises and their interconnection. Stairways thus became important filmic paths that interconnect the different floors.

In his thesis, Joscha describes general principles of hypervideo on the web and as interface for document access.

In a recently published interview for VideoLectures.NET, he outlines a possible future of the project and web video per ce.