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The frameset HTML tag was introduced in 1996 with version 2.0 of Netscape browser. This tag made it possible to divide a browser window into parts and show several HTML documents at once.

A lot has been written about this most controversial tag in the history of markup languages. Already in the year it was created, usability experts announced that it breaks fundamental rules of hypertext and navigation. It was hated in the end of the 1990′s and neglected in the new millennium. In March 2011 W3C finally removed frames from the HTML5 standard. Strange enough, this news caught up with our group right in the moment when we found out that frames would be the best solution for one obscure effect we wanted to achieve. It motivated us to to give a close look at this now officially dead technology and further experiment with it. Enjoy the projects and documentation of the /FRAMESET exhibition at frameset