The transparency of attention.

Human attention equates to a form of inter-instance, through which contents become perceivable. Yet attention itself usually stays invisible. According to this, mediareception can be both, the immersion in contents and the attentivness on the materiality of medial surfaces. The installation intends to create a permanent shift between media transparency and media consciousness, respectively to cause a possible scrutinizing of habits of perception and reception. Just as well it is one goal of the diploma project to point out the individual potential of everyone to intentionally influence ...

... oneselfs attention. Explicitly the user is confronted with two different transparent layers which currently overlay each other. On the one hand the floating wall of water represents the real and haptic component. Arranged behind, there`s the abstract simulation of water. Due to it`s pixel-optic, the projection reveals its artificiality at once. Both layers mix steadily. While the projection shines through the film of water, the very adds it`s structure upon the simulation. As a result the user continiously oscillates between an immersion in the medium and the consciousness of interacting with it.