Long Tail Money

The processes of transfering money and virtual goods over the Internet was the main focus of the winter 2010/2011 semester’s project. Using Paypal, Flattr and more obscure mechanisms, students had to actually make money. Whoever would earn the most would be awarded with a T-Shirt from our idol Money Boy

A lot of ideas were tried, some of them on the border of legality and sanity. Our winner Jan Wenger however decided to tap into the long tail of internet commerce and create website templates for small gaming clans (aka “e-sports teams”). In quick interviews with scene members he found out that most designs for them are based on wishful thinking rather than their real needs or ideas. Based on his findings, Jan created simplified designs that pick up elements from the era when clans first represented themselves in the underground web; but arranged in a spacious and tasteful way. He sold a lot and deserves his new clothes!