8bit Hero &more

In Mai 2011 Hans Peter Wyss Swiss artist was giving a processing workshop at the Merz Akademie.

8bit Hero by Oliver Rübner and Susanne Riexinger:

8bit Hero is a prototype for a game, where you have to hit “notes” on a midi keyboard or on your pc keyboard in the right moments, to increase your score, played to a 8bit song like the Tetris theme. The next note will always be anounced with a white outlined block.

Tickle Me! by Charlotte Hofstetter, Laura Lasinger und Constanze Link:

The aim of the Processing game, which we developed, is to collect all the candy with as few clicks. The difficulty is to bring the “Tickle Me!” element to the corresponding positions, because it moves with a random speed. After four clicks, you lose.

Malgedöhns by Kristina Spurgat, Sascha Mickeleit und Lisa Hofmann:

Malgedöhns a drawing program with which you can draw lines in 9 different colors, change the thickness of your pen (4 different thicknesses) and stamp over the canvas with different types of stamps (e.g. a hat, a fish, a crown…). an eraser is included to remove any lines and stamps not wanted. the “clear” button allows you to clear the canvas completely and start a fresh drawing. when done, the “save” button will save your picture on your computer and allow you to look at it forever.

Videogrphics by Arthur Musalimov:

Boob Pong by Shirin Sparr:

“I wanna be the airmen” by THomas Noschka and Denis Hoffmann:

Hey guys, “I wanna be the airmen” is a game which is programmed in Processing . You have to rescuer the airman from the flocks. Those flocks are flying over the playing field. You can control the airman with your mouse movement. Have Fun