Google apps and more

Among the online projects made last semester is a nameless but precious googlemaps-photo-service by David Ikuye, Christoph Brandin and Paul Steinhilber.

It can be your personal photo album (or a global photo archive) that uses spacial navigation. You can register and store your photos there, look through other albums. And help the authors to find an apropriate name for this elegant work.

Another google maps application was made by the second semester students Wolfgang Schneider and Stefan Schroeter. It’s for the stuttgarters to fill in their favorite bars and to rate them. Add more!

In case you have free time, the best way to kill it is PROMISPASS by second semester student Bernadette Neuroth. She offers a platform for enless fun with german celebrities.

On the video below and pictures on the right you can see New Media students presenting even more works.