save my job

Up the Social Ladder!

Traditionally, in Germany people are very serious about privacy and data protection. With the advent of social networks, millions of users exposed embarrassing photos to anybody daring to look. A seemingly unsolvable conflict was created: How could you still be cool, hang out with friends in rancid clubs and the trashy dormitory, but at the same time avoid being fired because your boss sees on Facebook you’re just getting drunk every day? Holy Stefanius, Patron of Online Privacy, (aka Stefan Krappitz) comes to the rescue with Save My Job! It allows to cover all up the awkward details of how you spend your free time — with elements of a good upper-class live. Before, with tools like Blingee, you could only add fun stuff. Now you can add prestige, education and style. Impress not only your boss, but also your friends and relatives!