security by obscurity show

On the 1st of July 2009 students of the Security by Obscurity project guided by Olia Lialina, presented their work.

-Tobias Leingruber (and Dragan Espenschied) invited everybody to join Ursula von der Leyen-Fanclub.

-Theo Seemann Flaged RFID !

-Florian Kroener gave an insight into audio CAPTCHAs.

-Michael Russ read Bot Poetry.

-Christopher Heller made a Tribute to the URL.

-Esra Bayrak proposed manga CAPTCHAs.

-Julia Boeger made us all create our own surveillance cameras with Camy and Friends.

-Stefan Krappitz opened a service for those who doesn’t trust the WWW – PaperTrust.

-Olia Lialina

Crystallized and Embossed all the semester.