About this project

Nowadays the web is designed by professionals, and everybody has a broadband connection. Ebay was overtaken by so called "Power-Sellers" and the shiny and smooth Web 2.0 Blogger-Design rules the web.

In the 90's People started creating webpages about their hobbies and dogs on geocities or other free webspace providers. As many people didn't have much content to post on their "homepages", they just put an "under construction" sign on it to show that the website was not finished yet, but maybe in a couple days.

As the people only had slow modems, it was really important to keep the data small. Otherwise the user would have to wait for like 5 minutes for a website to load. This is one reason why midi files became popular - It was the only way to listen to music on the early web. (You are listening to the great euro dance classic "Dune - Rainbow to the Stars")

This Firefox Add-on uses the syntax of any webpage, and changes it into a beautiful Web 1.0 amateur page. This is my tribute to all the pioneers of the web.

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