Trail Blazers #1

On 14.04.2010 The Beautiful Zeros and Ugly Ones invited Users to surf the classic way from amazon to piratebay!

Trail Blazers was a live web surf event where you could show off your PRO surfing skills.
No keyboard, no google, just pure links!




The Holy Trails:

Round: Surfers: Trails:
1 manuel peter robert tobi baerle sandra hannes marco >>>
+ cat-rush
2 manuel peter robert stefan tobi baerle hannes marco >>>
+ dog-rush
3 manuel peter stefan tobi hannes marco >>>
+ animated-gif-rush
4 manuel peter stefan tobi marco >>>
+ earth-rush
5 manuel stefan tobi marco >>>
6 stefan tobi marco >>>
+ myspace-rush
7 tobi marco >>>