20 years NCSA Mosaic browser birthday cake party

20 years ago, on the 22nd of April 1993, NCSA Mosaic browser version 1.0 was released. It was not he first browser and not the one that became really popular. But it was the first cross platform browser. It meant that what ever you used: Unix, Windows, Mac — you could connect via HTTP, you could make your pages and link to pages of others. NCSA Mosaic defined the interactions that were picked up by more successful browsers later.

To celebrate 20 years of the WWW as we know it, students and teachers of Merz Akademie had a party in the tradition of browser cakes. We decided to bake Mosaic cakes.

Muffins by Ronya Adler and Steffen Mitschellen

Globes by Saskia Aldinger

Melissa’s and Denise’s cake

Wine cake by Rene Tackenberg, really delicious!

Olia Lialina’s #mosaic_cake

proud Olia Lialina with her Mosaic cake

Olia’s cake, making of

Olia’s cake, making of

Olia’s cake was possible due to support and supervision by @TheBooyahCook. Thank you, Emma!

Ronja&Steffen’s muffins, making of

Ronja&Steffen’s muffins, test

Rene cuts his browser cake

Olia cuts her browser cake

Danja Vasiljev ate a node

Raquel Meyers ate another node

Students ate the globe

At the table

Mosaic was attending its own party

Surfing with Mosaic today is difficult

Happy Birthday, NCSA Mosaic!

We love you, Mosaic! And we will always remember you!

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