HappyTube &More

With the HappyTube Firefox plugin by Jens Natschka, YouTube will become an oase of peace and happiness. Simply install HappyTube on your Firefox Browser and enjoy the new, friendly YouTube community.

HappyTube was realized in the 2nd semester web development course. Here are the links to the other exciting projects.

Tagwall: http://tagwall.de.vu

Wemob: http://wemob.de

Weemind: http://weemind.de.vu

Scrawl: http://reichsing.de

Guide Shaker: http://guideshaker.de.vu

Der längste Arm der Welt: http://der-laengste-arm-der-welt.de.vu

Knockout Kings: http://knockoutkings.de.vu

Avacom: http://avacom.de.vu


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